The Great American Fast       
" . . . the time of her harvest shall come."


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The Great American Fast V

The Great American Fast begins its fifth year on September 11, 2014. It seems like only a few days ago the Lord spoke to me about the need of holding a national day of prayer and fasting to seek the face of God on behalf of America.

Our theme for this year, " . . . the time of her harvest shall come" (Jeremiah 51:33), may sound encouraging and hopeful, but in reality the verse deals with punishment - punishment for rebelling against the God of blessing. Israel and Judah were highly favored and blessed by God, yet they turned their back and walked away from Him.

After 238 years America finds herself in the same predicament. The time of America's harvesting will come. If we don't harvest souls and turn back to the Lord, the nation will be harvested on the threshing floor of God's judgment, and destroyed. It's America's choice. It's your choice.

Since our first meeting on July 3, 2011 we have seen TGAF grow to represent 28 states and 10 foreign nations. God has blessed beyond expectations in so many ways, and so we're looking forward to Fast # 5.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for the important part you play in God's program for the last days. Only eternity will reveal the full extent of your faithfulness.

As we head into this next phase of God's plan, would you continue to seek Him with your whole heart and soul. It is my prayer that you will be able to use the TGAF website to help encourage and build you as we fight the battle together on our knees.

TGAF is not just one day of prayer and fasting each year. This is war that must be fought daily, and you have been called. Determine to fight to the end.

Know that this truly is a battle. Satan will do everything he can to stop the prayer efforts of TGAF. You have reached a critical time in your life, and there is no turning back. Dig into the trenches, and get ready to fight. It will not be easy. Satan will no doubt send you "excuses" to avoid praying. True intercessory prayer is hard work, but work we must - for the night is coming, "when no man can work" (John 9:4).

I'm looking to go out in a blaze of glory to God. Won't you please join me?

- Brother Bill Kovacic for TGAF

The End of the Harvest -
Mike Herbert

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