The Great American Fast

" . . . because he cometh to judge the earth."

The Great American Fast

. . . because he cometh to judge the earth.

All About TGAF

We must constantly be seeking the face of God. We are not allowed the luxury of just a one day a year fast. On a daily basis we must be seeking an intimate relationship with the God of Heaven.

That is why this website was created. Everything you will find here is for the purpose and the intent that you will be drawn closer to your God. So let's get
acquainted and see how you can benefit and at the same time see God change the face of America.

Each member is so very important and we are all here to seek the Glory of the Lord. We share the same purpose, the same goals, the same God.

If you have not signed up on the TGAF website, it is important that you do so as soon as possible. This is not a social site, but a place where America can join together to seek the face of God on a daily basis and reach out to others.

For example, you can post your special meetings on the News page and people from across the country and throughout the world will be praying for your meetings. You can see who they are by going to the Warrior's Wall page on the drop down menu under Members. On the flip side, we need to be praying for the other churches that list meetings. God really will work if we pull together.

The Battle for Souls page is an extremely important page. This is where we can pray for the lost family members of TGAF. Feel free to send in the name/names of your lost family members and America will be praying for their salvation.

You can add your prayer requests and praises in The Prayer Closet and again, many more will be praying for your situation, adding power as we see God work. You can help someone else pull down the strongholds in America by praying for them. As we work together, we’ll see God do great things!

I try to hand-pick the best videos I can find to challenge us and strengthen us for the battle. The videos are not just for entertainment, but to help us grow spiritually. So watch one each week.

We are constantly looking for new articles. If God has given you the gift of the written word, it would be a blessing to post your revival centered articles on the site for America to read. Your input is invaluable, but you can also learn from the writings of others. 

There is much more to help you grow, but there’s one other reason to sign up and get involved – commitment. It’s well established that most people don’t like to commit, but you and I have every reason in the world to commit. We serve the King of kings and Lord of lords. That should be all the reason we need to stand in the gap for this great nation. Thank you for being a part as we seek to bring back the glory of the Lord back to America.






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