The Great American Fast

" . . . because he cometh to judge the earth."

The Great American Fast

. . . because he cometh to judge the earth.

The Battle for Souls

Hell is Necessary - Tim Conway
The names listed below represent the lost family members of TGAF. Each name is very important to someone here at The Fast. More importantly, this list represents those for whom Christ died. These people are infinitely important to Him. We have a responsibility to pray for one another, so please take this seriously and commit yourself to pray for these dear folks.

The list is divided for your convenience into five sections (Monday-Friday), but feel free to arrange it any way you like. I truly believe that if all of us from across America will faithfully lift these names to the Lord, He will answer miraculously.

I realize it is hard at times to pray for those we may not know personally, but the fact remains; these people are hopelessly lost without Christ. They are depending on you for their salvation even though they may not know it. Someone is praying for your lost family members so be sure to pray for theirs.

As your loved ones come to Christ, please let me so we can rejoice with you and joyfully remove their name from the list. If you want to add any names to the list simply email me at and I will make sure to place their name on the list.

Thanks, as we battle together for souls.

Brother Bill


Akeel, Alan, Andrea, Angela, AnMarie, Annette, Arwen, Ashley, Barbara, Barbara Ann, Beth, Brad, Brandon, Brook, Brooke, Buz, Carliss, Carly,  Catherine, Cathy, Charlie, Christine                                                                                                                                                                           


Christopher, Chuck, Chuck, Cicily, Cindy, Claire, Dave, David, Deanna, Don, Doug, Elara, Ellen, Erin, Faith, Garret, Gerard, Graham, Gran, Gretta, Hank, Heather


Helen, Jack, Jake, Jamal, James, Jamie, Jamie, Jane, Janie, Jean, Jill,  Jill, Jim, Jim, Jim, Joan, Joshua, Josh, Josh, Judi, June, June, Kari,  Kayla, Kelly Ann, Ken


Kerby,  Kino, Larry, Lisa,  Louis, Lua, Lynette, Margaret, Marie, Mark, Mark, Mia, Michael, Michael, Michael, Neil, Pat, Paula, Peter, Rhana, Richard


Rob, Ron, Ronny, Ryan, Sandy, Scott, Scott, Sean Jr., Sharon, Sharon, Shirley, Sonia, Stan, Stephan, Thelma, Todd, Tonya, Troy, Tyler, Wanda, Warren,  Wilma

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